A past present posting with some daily currency!


November 20th / Todays Post

“Dance Card” (for lack of a better title from a better time) Sketch book drawing, fine ballpoint pen with perfect crayon scribbles, 2020

November 18th / Todays Post

What upside down, inside out, and backwards makes for . . . so far (not) so good. Photograph with iphoto flips, 2020

November 17th / Todays Post

Drawing, 2020

November 7th / Todays Post

Poof, gone (lesson learned) but not forgotten (damage done).

November 6th / Todays Post

Collage drawing and photograph. Vote count wait. 2020

November 4th / Todays Post

Ascent or descent…waiting and hoping.

November 3rd / Todays Post

Election day 2020

November 1st & 2nd / Todays Posts

All Saint’s Day and All Souls’s Day (Dia de los Muertos} 2020

October 31st / Todays Posts

2020 Halloween: triptych treats, no tricks.

October 29th / Todays Post

An ongoing continuum: scribble drawings, 2020

October 28th / Todays Posts

Fall 2020

October 12th / Todays Post

October 17th, a day to know a history. The destruction of the indigenous civilizations of the Americas.

October 11th / Todays Post

Two emblematic photographs as of the year 2020

October 10th / Todays Post

Edited and declared my paintings. Photographed on a sidewalk behind an art school, 2019

October 7th / Todays Post

Crazy quilt old-timey collage using pictorial matter cut from what are now mostly obsolete black and white printed art and antiques books, 2020

October 5th / Todays Post

A drawing should speak for itself, this one won’t, it’s perplexed, 2020

This drawing does speak, but only because after I finished it, it told me what to say, so I captioned it. 2020

October 5th / Todays Post

Black and white drawings with gray, a color without color, but not without the possibility of conveying contrived metaphors. 2020

October 1st / Todays Post

First October surprise on the first day of October, collage with drawing, 2020

September 24th / Todays Post

See below or behind. Same applies. Different upshot.

September 19th / Todays Post

A sketch book page from 2019, with a drawing that, in retrospect, seems peculiarly composed in it’s parts, to make a particularly balanced whole.

September 17th/ Todays Post

Hopefully just a drawing, and of not a portent, 2020

September 15th / Todays Post

Some color fullness lettering: embroidered T-shirt logo for FISK Projects (Portland OR) and card for granddaughter’s 14th birthday

September 13th / Todays Post

Two new collages using old material, 2020

September 12th / Todays Post

Photographed, cropped, edited, and named a “found abstract-expressionist out of time painting.”