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February 16th / Todays Posts

Today: second Covid vaccine shot in the morning, at the Magic Mountain Roller Coaster Park parking lot, a collage in the afternoon in my studio at CalArts, and a drawing in the evening at home with Netflix. Pandemic Year work.

February 15th / Todays Post

Remember Presidents(save one) Day 2021

February 14th / Todays Post

Happy Valentines Day 2021

February 8th / Todays Post

Apropos to 83 years today

February 7th / Todays Post

A collage and a drawing with collage material from 1875 added, 2021

February 3rd / Todays Post

Two two part drawings with collage, 2021

February 2nd / Todays Drawing

On seeing one’s shadow on Groundhog Day 2021

January 24th / Todays Post

Title as undetermined landscape drawings, 2021

January 23rd / Todays Post

A photograph and a drawing, unrelated, “Fall’ and “slink” metaphorically speaking.

January 20th / Todays Post

Zip a dee do dah, zip a dee ay(way), my, oh my, what a wonderful day !

January 18th / Todays Post

Recent drawings. Pieces. Forms. Subjects. Nothings. ?

January 4th / Todays Post

Current drawings: style roiling and steady rolling.

January 2nd / Todays Post

Southern California winter.

December 31st January 1st /Todays Post

Two drawings: Roll in the new, rule out the old. Happy (better) New Year 2021

December 29th / Todays Post

Take a picture. Make a photograph.

December 26th / Todays Post

December 25th / Todays Post

Christmas Day: the commercial

December 24th / Todays Post

Christmas Eve: the traditional the actual.

December 23th / Todays Post

‘Tis the reason to be a folly !

December 20th / Todays Post

Out for a stroll in the neighborhood: two recent drawings.

December 19th / Todays Post

Drawing: Suggested imaginary Alpine landscape with undetermined foreground.

December 14th / Todays Post

Anthropomorphically objective improbable objects as visual babel.

December 10th / Todays Post

Some recent collages.

December 7th / Todays Post

Late Fall