A past present posting with some daily currency!


April 2nd / Todays Post

Inadvertently relevant to today, a 2019 sketchbook wax crayon drawing

April First / Todays Posts

April showers bring May flowers, yet never the less, “April is the cruelest month,” but, better not to mention the April fool.

March 21st / Todays Post

2020: Oh dear, Spring is here, Should we never fear, Summer’s near

March 18th / Todays Post

Photographs rephotographed under different circumstances, in this case a Stieglitz “cloud equivalent” reproduced in a newspaper. Slight folding causes patches of reflected light.

March 17th / Todays Post

A stuck at home surrounded by green photo and a drawing in green: 2020 St Patricks Day, happy and not so.

March 8th / Todays Post

A black and white and grey drawing, 9×12 inches, 2018

March 1st / Todays Post

First day of March (winds and ides)

February 29th / Todays Posts

An extra for a leap year: two diptych collage/drawings from 2019 and 2018 sketch books.

February 24th / Todays Posts

Recent sketch book drawing/collages, using my own old, as well as new material.

February 23rd / Todays Posts

In a topsy-turvy world, odd things in and from the sky ? Sketch book pages, 2 suggestive drawings, 2016, 2013.

February 16th / Todays Posts

Heads and bodies. Sketch book pages, 3 drawings and a collage, 2000, 2000, 1999, 1994, using various forms of abstracted figuration.

February 14th / Todays Post


February 13th / Todays Post

Two different drawings: different styles, different sizes, different pencils.

February 12th / Todays Post

Some nature not natural: sunset and moonrise. Side of a metal container and sidewalk behind art school.

February 9th / Todays Post

Two pages from 2019, a collage and a drawing, one on smooth, the other on wrinkled paper, both black and white, but otherwise unrelated.

February 8th / Todays Post


February 7th / Todays Post

Winter woods passing by

February 2nd / Todays Post

Seeing my shadow in California, Groundhog Day, 2020

January 19th / Todays Posts

5 current drawings, about current interests in drawing, one after another.

January 18 / Todays Posts

A winter landscape from somewhere (maybe Nebraska?) “reflected” on my (California) sidewalk.

January 17th / Todays Post

California current

January 13th / Todays Post

2 photographs juxtaposed because they seen to relate, maybe by a certain grayness and fluttering.

December 25th / Todays Post

Merry Christmas !

November 29th / Todays Post

Two pages from a small pocket lettering sketch book, ballpoint pen and colored pencil, 2019