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Sepember 18 / Todays Post

Three recent drawings: a sort of abstract surrealism and decorative illustration combination.

Posting resumed after a hiatus recouping from a broken fibula leg bone in Cape Cod, in both ways not all that bad.

July 22nd / Todays Post

Irmie 1947-2019

July 9th / Todays Post

Two “drawing/ collage/drawings” currently in a small drawing exhibition in Paris, 2019

May 27th / Todays Posts

Drawing and photograph for Memorial Day 2018

May 24th / Todays Post

Drawing with collage from 1987 sketch book. A narrative that doesn’t explain itself, while it seems to have one vague possibly if set in early 19th century literature. I was an admirer of Herman Melville’s “Pierre; or, The Ambiguities” for it’s shear gothic weirdness, which it was meant to be a sent up of, but ended up out doing it. I’d like to say I had that in mind, but I didn’t. I just liked cutting old stuff up and rearranging it.

Keeping the original from which the collage cut outs were taken and used a year later in a 1988 Detroit Focus Gallery flyer as part of an attempt at a visual representation of the flux and flow of global exchange Capitalism, time management, surveillance, and a commodity culture in art, both commercial and fine. The exhibition, which included myself, was on graphic design, advertising design, industrial design, and commercial illustration, and of course, not as a critique, but as an elevation into what might also be a form of art, suitable for a gallery. Ironically, none of it was for sale.

May 21st / Todays Post

A drawing made with collaged parts of drawings and a collage with some drawing added, notwithstanding some stylistic distance between them.

May 19th / Todays Post

Different similarities in a couple of seemingly unrelated photos.

May 17th / Todays post

CalArts Graduation 2019: Congratulations

May 12th / Todays Post

Happy Mothers Day 2019

May 1st / Todays Post

A recent photograph along with an old illustration done in Detroit sometime in the early 1980s. To celebrate May Day 2019.

April 21st / Todays Post

Easter Sunday, 2019

April 19th / Todays Post

Good Friday, 2019

April 2nd / Todays Post

My 1989 poster currently in a LACMA exhibition, “West of Modernism: California Graphic Design, 1975-1995. Until April 21st.

April 1st / Todays Post

Is this jest a drawing off on an April fool’s errand ?

March 31st / Todays Post

Today: a careful drawing carefully constructed.

March 28th / Todays Post

1984. Consecutive drawings from a 89 page sketch book project for a CCS history class, “American Art: 1900-1945.” Two stylistic interpretations from my reimagining the Streamlining and Art Deco period. Somehow they both ended up as scary faces, which might have had something to do with the 1930s rise of Fascism, that is if I can actually remember what I had in mind after 35 years ?

March 21st / Todays Post

Recent: Untitled collage w/ drawing, 9 x 10 inches. Started with nothing in mind and in the end nothing came to mind, although the possibility is always there. There are lots of cues, so other, more imaginative minds might fare better.

March 17th / Todays Post

A pile of green, or a Leprechaun’s hat. Drawing from a 2002 Australian sketch book page. Happy St.Patricks Day, 2019

March 10th / Todays Post

A 2019 drawing with collage, and same with the “strings put to it”

March 2nd / Todays Post

Two pages in current small pocket sketch book. Color ball point pens and a couple of color pencils on glossy paper.

February 28th / Todays Post

Two drawings, not quite similar, but maybe not that different. 2019

February 27th / Todays Post

Again two similar drawings, this time dark, one possibly funny, if not scary, the other framed. 2019 

February 24th / Todays Post

Two similar drawings, divided into three-fold parts, light and bright in color and technique, if not content. 2019   

February 20th / Todays Post

Collage with 1877 material plus a few current additions evoking some old Rocky Mountain West wistfulness.