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February 14th / Todays Post

Happy Valentines !

February 8th / Todays Post

Eighty (and) one

Eighty (and) one 

January 31st / Todays Post

Two similar and fanciful images in an earnest “surrealist mode” by one who fancies himself a “Postearlymodernist” !

January 25th / Todays Post

Two collages using my own and other image fragments and poetic stanzas from a 1877 magazine called “Chatterbox.” A popular British publication for children that was also distributed in the US.

January 20th / Todays Post

A pair of photographs: nature, nurture, and the kitchen sink…

January 18th / Todays Post

Today. Two consecutive drawings, similar, yet with different outcomes as to what’s meant to be seen in them: letter forms (perchance) or skewd life forms (otherwise known as either cartoon illustrations or “art”) ?

January 11th / Todays Post

Two inadvertently similar sketch book drawings, 2018

January 4th / Todays post

Two photos to start.

December 31st-January 1st / Todays Post

Happy New Year again 2019

December 24-25th / Todays Post

Merry Christmas !

December 21st / Todays Post

The Winter Solstice

December 20th / Todays Post

Lettering for 2018 CalArts holiday card.

December 19th / Todays Post

Holidays begin with me and Santa and the Grumpus.

November 22nd / Todays Post

Happy Thanksgiving (sans turkey)


November 12th / Todays Post

Art found, photographed, cropped, bordered, and posted as “Found Art”  By chance, proposed as a direction for other possibilities in abstraction.


November 10th / Todays Post

2009-07 Xerox machine drawing and collage play.


November 9th / Todays Post

Drawing and collage on old discarded Fax, 2018


November 8th / Todays Post

1990 typographic flyer, front and back.


November 6th / Todays Post

From a 2017 sketch book: Some selected cartoon drawings in various illustration styles that almost make sense, followed by some that don’t.


November 1st & 2nd / Todays Post

Day of the Innocents. (from SkBk#145,Pg.74,2017)

Day of the Dead. (from SkBk#145,Pg.89,2017)


October 31st / Todays Post

Halloween and the traditional surroundings: Saints and Souls, 2018


October 28th / Todays Post

2018, “Drawing of a rounded mass, floating,” colored pencil, 18″ x 24″


October 11th / Todays post

Variations on a house and a waterwheel and an Americana trope: 2 sketch book pages, 2018


October 9th / Todays Post

7″x 10″ Drawing on fancy paper, 2018