A past present posting with some daily currency!


November 28th / Todays Post

Thanksgiving Wishes from the California central coast, 2019

November 25th / Todays Post

Two new collages: First one is rather conventional with conventional glossy magazine material of other artists and photographers work (I’d say thats pretty much the nature of collage), while the second is done with student art from a 1944 High School yearbook. Pieces and fragments are rearranged in a new configuration in the bottom panel, while the top part has a commercial illustration from a back pages sponsor ad. The “Caution Future Ahead” caption is a student bit found in a party illustration. Seems rather apt, since the war hadn’t yet ended. Also makes the first one a little scary, put in that context.

November 22nd / Todays Post

“Nothing much depends upon a red car traveling through, or parked near a white pole” as parodied with two photographs.

November 21st / Todays Post

An hommage to Art Brut: a wad of paper found just as is (that’s what rain followed by months of intense sunlight does to it) bordered with neck extended, one white dot and a slight bit of red added, turning it into a faux Dubuffet !

November 19th / Todays Post

2005, Two collages with drawing additions as possibilities for “painting” (not paintings)

November 16th / Todays Post

Fall, 2019

November 14th / Todays Post

Two pieces in stark black and white.

November 11th / Todays Post

Veterans Day, 2019. Revisit Stephen Crane’s “The Red Badge of Courage”

November 3rd / Todays Post

Two 2018 “Painted Polaroids,” discards with black and white grease pencil drawing on them.

November 1st & 2nd / Todays Post

Visual metaphors for All Souls Day and All Saints Day in consecutive mid 80s Polaroid photographs

October 31st / Todays Post

Happy scary Halloween, 2019. A “found photo”, followed by a 1920s pulp illustration and a Polaroid discard, both with some added scribbled black grease pencil drawing and whiteout dots.

October 30th / Todays Post

Edges and angles: two recent accidental photos

October 29th / Todays Post

Two small drawings, one obvious, the other not without a touch of Cubist play, 2019

October 20th / Todays Post

Two photos posted as open choice visual metaphors.

October 7th / Todays Post

This Fall, travails, travels, and photos, 2 from New York, 2 from Cape Cod, 2019

October 6th / Todays Post

2 collages, both with some added drawn parts, 2019

October 5th / Todays Post

2 drawings, each with some added bits of found material, 2019

October 4th / Todays Post

Top: Collage in an early Modernist manner. My high school introduction to collage in the mid-50s was in this “style”. . . followed by a collage rearranged with my drawn additions. From a 1925 reproduction of a painting by a Parisian artist, Robert Cotiron.

September 29th / Todays Post

Two dissimilar, yet concurrent drawings in a recent sketchbook.

September 21st / Todays Post

Three recent collages (2 from New York in June and 1 from Cape Cod in September) going from conventional to un-

Sepember 18 / Todays Post

Three recent drawings: a sort of abstract surrealism and decorative illustration combination.

Posting resumed after a hiatus recouping from a broken fibula leg bone in Cape Cod, in both ways not all that bad.

July 22nd / Todays Post

Irmie 1947-2019

July 9th / Todays Post

Two “drawing/ collage/drawings” currently in a small drawing exhibition in Paris, 2019

May 27th / Todays Posts

Drawing and photograph for Memorial Day 2018