A past present posting with some daily currency!


August 29th / Todays Post(s)

2 sketch book pages, 22 years apart. 1995 and 2017, still less than more comprehensible.


August 28th / Todays Post(s)

2 large silkscreen posters for LA Machine Projects projects, 2012 and 2015


August 17th / Todays Post(s)

2 Xerox prints from the mid-1970s.  Xerox’s of 40 years ago had a grainy gray quality that was ideal for hand coloring with Prismacolor pencils. A title, a signature, and a date made each one into a little mono-print. In the “Tools of the Trade” print, the lines fore and aft are from each tool depicted, including cuts for the X-Acto knife and dried adhesive from the glue stick. Also in the grouping is an early Pentel Pen, and the ubiquitous, all purpose Rapidograph Pen


August 16th / Todays Post(s)

2 sketch book spreads from 1986 with some very 80’s looking drawings.


August 7th / Todays Post(s)

3 photographs, edited, cropped, and declared “found” art.


August 1st / Todays Post

The dean of so many great Detroit photographers:  +Bill Rauhauser 1914-2017+   An exhibition poster we did in the early 80’s, using his photo of his camera, tilting it on a angle and incorporating it’s little arrows and tic marks into my then current “connotative typography” practice.  This was also the reason for the mix of bold and medium letters within the words and blocks of words, meant to reflect the idea that a photographic likeness is composed of the grouping of lighter and darker shapes and forms into a fixed order necessary to make it a “readable” image.


July 27th / Todays Post(s)

Found child’s drawings, circa 1920 (?)   “Clang”  “Fire Fire”

“Help”   “You now him  So do I now him”   “Sh. Sp. Cos.”  Text and image: pure poetry and perfect compositions !


July 20th / Todays Post(s)

Xeroxprint, 2000

Xerox collage, 2007


July 12th / Todays Post(s)

2 recent “collaged” drawings with fairly plain formal and textured moves and vaguely suggestive “circusy” meanings.


July 11th / Todays Post(s)

An (im)magic(ary) kingdom !


July 7th / Todays Post(s)

Some current small sketch book pages, 2 different 4 color ball point pens plus 3 colored pencils.


4th of July / Todays Post(s)

Fireworks over the Pacific Ocean: Cayucos, California


June 30th / Todays Post

2017 halfway-point 2018


June 23nd / Todays Post(s)

2 consecutive landscape drawings in current 1-a-day, black and white sketch book.


June 21st / Todays Post(s)

An enigmatic drawing from 2013 sketch book, aside a current photograph, as a 2017 Summer Solstice post, with a mainly sunny color similitude, for a forced metaphor.


June 19th / Todays Post

Conventional vernacular styled lettering and application (silver on white wall) for the newly renamed (after retiring president Steven Levine) CalArts Cafeteria, 2017


June 11th / Todays Post(s)

1921 Laszlo Molholy-Nagy collage at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, followed by photograph of three bits of tape found on sidewalk in front of CalArts theater building door. Two small masterpieces in different contexts, one created and one arbitrary, showing a perfect spacial relationship between 3 geometric forms.


June 4th / Todays Post(s)

Top collage made with tissue paper drawings and a few bits and lines, followed by second collage made with more conventional found material: from current one-a-day sketch book, 2017


June 2nd / Todays Post

Photo “Between a Rock and a Hot Spot” 2017


May 31st / Todays Post

“The Deerslayer’s Ablutions Before His Overnight Beside the Glimmerglass”  Collage, 2017


May 30th / Todays Post

2006. Large European size poster (artwork) for a Mozart festival in Venice. The title heading comes from the playful moniker a still very young Mozart used while performing there.

Original drawing and color version of the lettering used on parts of the project.


May 29th / Todays Post(s)

Memorial Day:  Inspired by early 20th century editorial cartoons and reading, “Lincoln In The Bardo” George Saunders, 2017


May27th / Todays Post(s)

Illustration and cover for an imaginary 1950 sci-fi pulp magazine. 2 drawings from a current ongoing “one-a-day” sketch book.


May 25th / Todays Post(s)

Today: two collages, two styles, to type (in each case). Top: Mounted and grounded in a 60s minimal midcult-modernist mode, 2 juxtaposed pieces found (as is) in proximity on walkways to my CalArts studio this morning. Below: pieces recomposed this afternoon from my Xerox discard “worksheets” in an early surrealist manner reminiscent of Max Ernst.