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May 24th / Todays Post

Drawing with collage from 1987 sketch book. A narrative that doesn’t explain itself, while it seems to have one vague possibly if set in early 19th century literature. I was an admirer of Herman Melville’s “Pierre; or, The Ambiguities” for it’s shear gothic weirdness, which it was meant to be a sent up of, but ended up out doing it. I’d like to say I had that in mind, but I didn’t. I just liked cutting old stuff up and rearranging it.

Keeping the original from which the collage cut outs were taken and used a year later in a 1988 Detroit Focus Gallery flyer as part of an attempt at a visual representation of the flux and flow of global exchange Capitalism, time management, surveillance, and a commodity culture in art, both commercial and fine. The exhibition, which included myself, was on graphic design, advertising design, industrial design, and commercial illustration, and of course, not as a critique, but as an elevation into what might also be a form of art, suitable for a gallery. Ironically, none of it was for sale.

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