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February 8th / Todays Post

79th !


February 7th / Todays Post(s)

1984 and 2004. Two different drawings at two different times with two different ends, other than being on my same continuum.


February 4th / Todays Post

One.perfect day  Two.parent powers  Three.predictable progeny


February 5th / Todays Post(s)

Polaroids: Top, Dual images from my own dirty doddle drawing board desktop as “found Art” 2001, and below, “Grease pencil drawing on half of discarded Polaroid” 2013


February 3rd / Todays Post(s)

2 collages from my brief reductive period during the minimalist 70’s: 8 1/2 x 11 inches on craft paper, titled “Hercules’ Garden (front)” and “Hercules’ Garden (back)” 1973.


February 2nd / Todays Post

Groundhog Day Conjurations  2017


January 26th / 60th Anniversary Post(s)

“Unidentified Factory Object over Detroit River” rubbing drawing, with a bit of fondness, 2017

1957-2017: January. 6oth Anniversary in the profession and academia of graphic design. My first job in a Detroit commercial art studio at age 18, and first designed (including type spec and mechanical) illustrated and, printed piece.  A promotional advertisement for the studio in the Detroit AdCrafter Annual. I had to borrow an empty drawing board to do the project, because as an apprentice, I didn’t have an assigned one yet. Someone had to show me how to use the long metal T-square on the edge of the board to align the type, after which it was rubber cemented to the page. So crude and so 50’s in retrospect !

With my own “board” a year later, 1958, and teaming up with another young designer, we came up with this Detroit AdCrafter Annual ad for the studio. It certainly was a big leap ! Again in retrospect, and 60 years gives you some perspective, it’s already an end to the 50’s, with the 60’s just around the corner !

ADDENDUM: Snapshot of me at my drawing board in the Layout Department, 1957. The guy in the background is Jack Troop, who was the head designer (still called, “a layout man”) at that time. This fairly small room also had 2 other designers working in it. We were on the 9th floor of the Francis Palms Building on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit.  Could I in this photo have been pensively contemplating my future 60 years hence ?  No.



January 25th / Todays Post(s)

10 pages from a 96 page 2007 sketch book: bits with a bit of wordage. 4 color ballpoint pen with yellow white and blue Prismacolor pencil, 5 x 8 inches.


January 24th / Todays Post(s)

Two pieces of “found (with contemporary eyes) art”  A child’s dabs on endpaper from a 1890s book and an old stereo card where the photograph has completely faded away with only the paint from the handcoloring remaining.


January 20th / Todays Post

Inauguration Day fashion statement for CalArts Student T-shirt show.