A past present posting with some daily currency!

September 12th / Todays Post(s)

Two photographs with no exact dates other than their age and subjects. And a particularly wonderful aesthetic notability hard to pass up as a point of view or “A Vista”


September 9th / Todays post

20×20 Posters For Peace Exhibition, Tehran+Oklahoma, Sept 7-20 2017.  Includes my 28 x 40 digital print poster, “At Peace: Hubris hushed up”  www.pasajgroup.com 


September 8th / Todays Post

A murky drawing with floaty collage bits combined in a carefully structured composition to make a compilation of no real intent, other than formal aesthetic play. Enjoy or poo-poo.  2017


September 4th / Todays Post

End of Summer 2017 Labor Day

” Morro Bay Boatyard ”   ” Oil Workers Sign on Union Hall in Taft, California ”


August 31st / Todays Post

2 photos for the last day of August


August 29th / Todays Post(s)

2 sketch book pages, 22 years apart. 1995 and 2017, still less than more comprehensible.


August 28th / Todays Post(s)

2 large silkscreen posters for LA Machine Projects projects, 2012 and 2015


August 17th / Todays Post(s)

2 Xerox prints from the mid-1970s.  Xerox’s of 40 years ago had a grainy gray quality that was ideal for hand coloring with Prismacolor pencils. A title, a signature, and a date made each one into a little mono-print. In the “Tools of the Trade” print, the lines fore and aft are from each tool depicted, including cuts for the X-Acto knife and dried adhesive from the glue stick. Also in the grouping is an early Pentel Pen, and the ubiquitous, all purpose Rapidograph Pen


August 16th / Todays Post(s)

2 sketch book spreads from 1986 with some very 80’s looking drawings.


August 7th / Todays Post(s)

3 photographs, edited, cropped, and declared “found” art.