A past present posting with some daily currency!

November 19th / Todays Post

2005, Two collages with drawing additions as possibilities for “painting” (not paintings)

November 16th / Todays Post

Fall, 2019

November 14th / Todays Post

Two pieces in stark black and white.

November 11th / Todays Post

Veterans Day, 2019. Revisit Stephen Crane’s “The Red Badge of Courage”

November 3rd / Todays Post

Two 2018 “Painted Polaroids,” discards with black and white grease pencil drawing on them.

November 1st & 2nd / Todays Post

Visual metaphors for All Souls Day and All Saints Day in consecutive mid 80s Polaroid photographs

October 31st / Todays Post

Happy scary Halloween, 2019. A “found photo”, followed by a 1920s pulp illustration and a Polaroid discard, both with some added scribbled black grease pencil drawing and whiteout dots.

October 30th / Todays Post

Edges and angles: two recent accidental photos

October 29th / Todays Post

Two small drawings, one obvious, the other not without a touch of Cubist play, 2019

October 20th / Todays Post

Two photos posted as open choice visual metaphors.