A past present posting with some daily currency!


September 24th / Todays Post

Two recent sketch book collages, 2021

September 21st-22nd / Todays Post

Transition between Summer and Autumn via a collage and a photo

September 16th / Todays Post

Two recent 11×16″ black and white drawings

September 15th / Todays Post

Current small collages on cutup glossy magazine images, using bits from a cheap paperback 1966 childern’s book.

September 1st / Todays Posts

Two recent collages, boldly odd, deliberately dumb, almost parodic.

August 30th / Todays Post

2011 color pencil drawing: an every which way complexity reined in to a controlled chaos with vaguely suggested meanings.

August 28th / Todays Post

2013 color pencil drawing with collage fragment,”Nebraska Evening Sky With Surreal Cloud Over A Venerable Art Gallery Within A Flat Landscape”

July 30th / Todays Post

Odd, soft, yet slick, all at the same time, comes to mind on eyeing a recent drawing

July 22nd / Todays Post

This drawing at a closer look is surreally bizarre, inadvertently so on my part. What you draw is what you get is what you see.

July 10th / Todays Post

In 1960 or thereabouts, I was so enamored by the typefaces names in my Willens Mighty Midget type specimen book that l wrote and lettered this little punning piece. In those days one also had to be able to “indicate” in the comp the different faces in the headline and subheads to give the client an idea of what the final would look like.

July 4th / Todays Post

A American happy 4th of July happy birthday America

July 1st / Todays Post

A small pocket book drawing in a rather sketchy quandary.

June 20th / Todays Post

Photograph, Fathers Day, 2021

June 16th Todays Post

Two drawings, two other worldly scenes.

June 15th / Todays Posts

Decorative clunks: recent and somewhat similar drawings, 2021

June 12th / Todays Post

Another gestural landscape drawing, not en plein air.

June 5th / Todays Post

Two quick gestural drawings today to keep from getting too uptight

May 31st / Todays Post

Honchos use heroes. Memorial Day 2021

“At Peace: Hubris Hushed Up,” 2017 poster, digital print, 28 x 38 inches.

May 19th / Todays Posts

Three recent drawings not exactly but somewhat the same

May 5th / Todays Post

Cinco de mayo 2021

May 1st / Todays Post

Good-day / May Day / to-day

April 22nd / Todays Post

Earth Day 2021: at least worth a second thought.

April 21st / Todays Post

A really ridiculous drawing admittedly well crafted, color pencil on paper, 2021

April 16th / Todays Post

A drawing of an inscape with two clouds and a moon, color pencil on paper, 2021