A past present posting with some daily currency!


May 24th / Todays Post

Drawing that starts and stops arbitrarily at the edges.

May 22 / Todays Posts

Collage on drawing (rubbings) backgrounds, 2022

May 20th / Todays Post

It’s a this, it’s a that, it’s a decorative-style-elements, color pencil drawing.

May 19th / Todays Post

A, the entangled grayish matter persona, drawing

May 10th / Todays Post

A Drawing to make what you will of.

May 9th / Todays Post

Plains and angles, collage and drawing: consecutive pages in a current sketch book, 2022

May 8th / Todays Post

Take a minute on the eight day of a set aside Sunday in May, the year 2022

May 7th / Todays Post

The Possibly First Ever CalArts Graphic Design Reunion” all day (and into the night) Saturday, May 7th, at the school.

May 3rd / Todays Post

Everywhichway drawing, 2022

May 1st / Todays Post

In both senses, happy May Day with a found detail on a discarded paint palette cart from the art school at CalArts, 2022

April 28th / Todays Post

Cover (front and back) and spreads of a bond paper, 8 1/2 by 11, laser printed Zine. Titled, “Ed Fella: Work Rework Work, 2022, (an edfellazine #)

April 21 / Todays Post

Recent collages of a couple of pedestrians (?) made from unused street material gathered from Brooklyn and New York walls back in 2007

April 17-18th / Todays Post

Easter Sunday to Easter Monday. Valencia California, 2022

April 1st / Todays Post

April no one’s Fooled day nonsensically posted with a foolishly foppish image

March 24th / Todays Post

Two images that happen to be seen as photographs, but could as well have previously been drawn or painted. Regardless of their original context, they also now have a familial relationship reminiscent of surfaces because of my edited juxtaposition.

March 17th / Todays Post

St Patrick’s Day 2022

March 13th / Todays Posts

Two drawings. Two landscapes with spooky forebodings, weather worry or war wary, threatened from without or within or vice versa ?

March 12th / Todays Posts

Ongoing letterforms past functioning photographed photos.

March 11th / Todays Posts

Some birds: a drawing and a drawing with collaged frottage drawing fragments, 2022

March 10th / Todays Post

Collage: image with text mimicking a poster, 2022.

March 9th / Todays Posts

Houses before possible looming distress ? Two recent B&W sketch book drawings

March 8th / Todays Post

Landscape out from afar: drawing in color pencil, 2022

February 22nd / Todays post

Todays drawing posted as a drawing of what ? No answer necessary.

February 14th / Todays Post

A lovely Valentine Day with 2012 Polaroid with drawing, luckily kept for just this occasion.