A past present posting with some daily currency!


October 16th / todays post

A turbulent still life on a stormy tablecloth becomes a drawing

October 14th / todays Post

A sketchbook collage with bits of drawing on and around photographic material making for a disparate juxtaposition.

October 12th / Todays Post

Two collages, same mentality, same material (my discarded printed flyers,) and somewhat different results.

October 7th / todays post

Two almost anthropomorphic drawings, one in color and one in B&W, both in a 2022 sketchbook.

October 4th / Todays Post

A grubby (with architecture) drawing and a muddled (with Bruegel) collage

October 3rd / Todays Posts

A couple of leafy photographs.

October 1st / Todays Post

Two slick, but cliche letterform collages made in an easy rut surprising even to me!

September 29th / Todays Post

A questionable representational drawing

Sepyember 27th / Todays Post

Recent similar sketchbook collages that increase in clarity.

September 26th / Todays Post

Two similar drawings.

September 23rd / Todays Post

2022 Fall: a reticent acknowledgment.

September 22nd / Todays Post

A current sketch book collage/drawing and a drawing/drawing, 2022

September 17th / Todays Posts

1980: A selection from a Detroit arts organization photo project comprised of posters that could be used to fill the empty advertising spaces inside city buses. My contribution consisted of large (11×14) hand colored Xeroxes of snapshots taken at local uptown weekend gatherings in the small town of Birmingham (part of the Detroit metro area). The first two images have my own kids (the two girls) in them.

September 10th / Todays Posts

Heads Up: and 9 other drawings from a 2012, black and white, six and a half square, 107 page, sketch book. More to come from my compare and contrast decade old work.

September 7th / Todays posts

A series of recent drawings with somewhat silly form shapes. 2022

September 5th / Todays Post

Labor Day 2022

Thinking it’s time to add AI to the laboring (me included) masses, I decided on employing a bit of AI myself. Giving it the prompt “Art Deco lettering of the word edfella” this, after laboring mightily, is the best it could come up with ! But on the other hand, the weirdly unique style that resulted is certainly a portent of what is to come. Imagine us sentient beings diving into those AI return “prompts” !

September 2nd / Todays Post

Drawing: more complexity and a bit of grunge. 2022

August 27th / Todays Post

Two photographs: two darknesses.

August 26th / Todays Post

More recent drawings in and of parts, 2022

August 25th / Todays Post

Drawing: Of some sort of something grounded, 2022

August 12th / Todays Post

Sketch book page which has nothing to do with being done on an Amtrak cross country train between Chicago and Los Angeles in 2007, but a lot more to do with the country in 2022

August 10th

Summer drawing

July 31st / Todays Post

Form: a puzzlingly gorgeous restaurant table top photograph

July 29th Todays Post

Exhibition of 30, 8 1/2 by 11″ color pencil, drawings opening at Fisk Gallery in Portland