A past present posting with some daily currency!


November 12th / Todays Post

Archive: drawing from 2013 as seemingly/visually/physically/metaphysically relevant for 2023

November 10th / Todays Post

Seemingly relevant to each other: current drawing/collage page for a possible new Zine and a small sketchbook page from a few years back

November 7th / Todays Post

Collage (assemblage) with four found objects

November 6th / Todays Post

Two sequential collages: dual similarities

November 5th / Today Post

Two archive images as a pairing: collage/drawings

November 4th / Todays Post

A thicket of decorativeness preceded by a swarm of same

November 1st & 2nd / Todays Post

All Saints Day/All Souls Day

October31st / Todays Post

Have a happy and scary Halloween 2023. I can do cute and or I can do dour thanks to iPhoto and Keynote.

October 28th / Todays Post

“Don Quixote goes to a Halloween party as H P Lovecraft” collage/drawing.

October 24th / Todays Post

Collage and drawing, both today

October 22nd / Todays Post

Two adjacent drawings that are, in terms of intent and semblance, ten years apart, 2013 and 2023. In this trajectory, today’s iteration certainly seems more junked up, lacking the older one’s surety. Regression or progression ?!

October 19th / Todays Post

Two consecutive drawings, different in tone, similar in structure

October 14th / Todays Posts

Two new drawings with new set of pencils with lots of additional colors

October 10th / Todays Post

Quite a leap or just a tip toe ? Two collages: one today, using (my) 1970s material, and the other from 1985, but using 1950s material.

October 10th / Todays Post

How do you feel, think, act ? Here’s one way of putting it !

October 4th / Todays Post

Gestural drawings incorporating decorative elements from a 2013 sketchbook. Something long in the making.

October 2nd / Todays Post

Surreal September end to October start: real physical issue metaphors

September 21st / Todays Post

Tiny collage/drawing and small painting/collage/drawing

September 18th / Todays Post


September 17th / Todays Post

Three B&W drawing/collages: potential Zine pages.

September 8th / Todays Post

Five, 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch, small pocket sketchbook pages. Just silly say’n as a form of faux-etry.

September 4th / Todays Post

Labor Day 2023 Two drawings: one labored, the other belabored.

August 22nd / Todays Post


August 21st / Today Post

Three more in a series of current drawings continuing my explorations of peculiar decorative styles and forms while making them particular to me.