A past present posting with some daily currency!


February 20th / Todays Post

More California rainy day photos: look up, look down.

February 19th / Todays Post

Collage. Rearranged image from Sunday’s NYTimes insert

February 14th / Todays Post

Be mine. . . Happy 2024 Valentine !

February 11th / Todays Post

A collage/drawing deliberately constructed to have a strangely gawky quality.

February 10th / Todays Post

From the dry of rain the ghosts remain: poetic chatter for two California after storm photographs.

February 1st / Todays Post

Page 6 from Sketchbook #76, 5 x 8 inches, 75 pages, 2003. Seems more relevant now than some 20 years ago when it was only a silly drawing. Or was it always so ?

January 22nd / Todays Post

Two days, two drawings.

January 16th / Todays Post

Two posters (22″x 33″) done in 2023: Top, Iranian women protest movement (Woman.Life.Freedom.) for forthcoming exhibition in New York. Bottom, AGI (Alliance Graphic International) Korero (means ‘conversation’ in Maori) special project conference exhibit in Auckland, New Zealand.

January 12th / Todays Post

Current drawings continuous with current concerns.

January 5th / Todays Post

First drawing, first collage, first photograph, and first pocket lettering sketchbook page of 2024

December 31st: January 1st / Todays Post

End 2023: begin 2024, and to all a good year !?!

December 29th / Todays Post

Another in a continuum during 2023 of a particular style of drawing.

December 24th / Todays Post

December 22nd / Todays Posts

2023 Holiday Zine, laser print, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 12 pages.

2023 Holiday Card, Lucy Bates, collage, laser print, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches

December 13th / Todays Post

Collage with an addition that comments on it’s self as just being a catch as catch can “conventional” collage

December 5th / Todays Post

The (successful?) result of a dashed off, poorly done, awkward and annoyingly bad drawing.

December 3rd / Todays Post

Todays drawing for what it’s worth

December 1st / Todays Post

Two very different collage approaches in two consecutive recent collages.

November 23rd / Todays Post

Morro Bay Thanksgiving 2023: turkey/cranberries/volcano

November 21st / Todays Post

Laserprint on grey paper: a potential zine page and below, a laserprint overprint collage

November 19th / Todays Post

Two photographs, a ?

November 18th / Todays Post

Todays drawing: a potpourri

November 14th / Todays Post

Collage: particular forms, shaped and textured, arranged just so, in black and white

November 13th / Todays Post

At/ten/tion: collage in/ten/tion