A past present posting with some daily currency!


June 8th / todays Post

Two collages: the kind designers make. Well ordered, tightly composed, almost meaningful.

June 5th / Todays Post

Collage narrative: art(?) history(?) poetics(?) psychology(?) none(?) or vanity(?)

June 3rd / Todays Post

An oddly complex mishmash makes for another way of drawing as an artist for a graphic designer.

June 2nd / Todays Post

Drawing as such. On the other hand, drawing as what ?

June 1st / Todays Post

The Summer Season: a start.

May 29 / Todays Post

Memorial Day 2023

May 12th / Todays Post

CalArts Graduation 2023. What’s left is congratulatory and bittersweet.

May 7th / Todays Post

Top collage (from my material) today, 2023 and below collage, thirty years ago, 1993

May 3rd / Todays Post

Two collages: one, an unconventional drawing/collage and the other, a conventional collage/collage. Formal compositions: the first suggesting outside (somewhere or other) the second inside (someplace or other) That’s what collages are good at. . . .

May 1st / Todays Post

This Mayday !

April 22 / Todays Post

20(earth Earth Day day)23

April 14th/ Todays Post

Drawing with a locked in rather precise arrangement.

April 12th / Todays Post

Couple of collages

April 11th / Todays Post

Two maybe not seemingly compatible drawings.

April 7-9th / Todays Post

Good Friday to Easter Sunday 2023

April 6th / Todays Post

T-shirts for the CalArts Student 2023 T-shirt show/sale

April 1st / Todays Post

Some photo juxtapositions for that prankish first of April

March 30th / Todays Post

A deliberately structured collage warrants at least a nonchalant narrative. Unfortunately I don’t have one.

March 28th / Todays Post

Two collages: one using reproductions from my own material and in the other, other’s.

March 27th / Todays Post

Two photographs juxtaposed just because of some arbitrary American midwestern and formal relationships.

March 24th / Todays Post

Drawing in another direction on the same road.

March 20th / Todays Post

Zine contribution to 2023 CalArts Student Print Fair, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, 16 pages, laser printed on bond paper.

March 11th / Todays Post

Two drawings set off for far out walks

March 5th / Todays Post

A drawing and a collage and a photograph as improbable landscapes