A past present posting with some daily currency!


August 12th / Todays Post

Sketch book page which has nothing to do with being done on an Amtrak cross country train between Chicago and Los Angeles in 2007, but a lot more to do with the country in 2022

August 10th

Summer drawing

July 31st / Todays Post

Form: a puzzlingly gorgeous restaurant table top photograph

July 29th Todays Post

Exhibition of 30, 8 1/2 by 11″ color pencil, drawings opening at Fisk Gallery in Portland

July 28th / Todays Post

2 small collages made from the back of an old painting (with restorative patches) from the turn of the last century. Found in a dump in Cape Cod several years ago.

July 25th / Todays Posts

More small collages made from back and front of old (late 1800s?) canvas painting

July 17th / Todays Post

I wish: some current small pocket sketchbook pages

July 8th / Todays Post

Three current collages with texts.

4th of July / Todays Post

Pacific California Central Coast: the fireworks bust in the fog.

June 29th / Todays Post

A photograph: two as one

June 25th / Todays Post

Two collages, one done today, the other, several years ago, suggestive of text and image pages, as one would expect of a graphic designer.

June 24th / Today post

Two similar drawings: dual (or dualing) forms in space.

June 21st / Todays Post

Summer solstice: Twenty twenty two

June 19th / Todays Post

Fathers Day Detroit 1941

June 18th / Todays Post

Two new drawings. Same old trajectory.

June 16th / Todays Posts

Three collages to look in on.

June 15th / Todays Post

Drawing: an allegory seeking a referent.

June 9th / Todays Post

2022 Collage with drawing on a piece of wornout 1943 paper.

June 2nd / Todays Post

New drawings that harken back to the formal configurations typical of my early 60s paintings. But this time around the aesthetic source is closer to decorative illustration than to art.

May 31st / Todays Post

1943 material, a 2022 collage. An ongoing project: “Potential Graphic Design for Bygone Eras”.

May 30th / Todays Post

Memorial Day 2022

May 28th / Todays Post

Without precedent or comment: a sketch book drawing.

May 27th / Todays Post

Two collages today.

May 25th / Todays Post

Color pencil drawing. A form study in precarious stacking.