A past present posting with some daily currency!


December 3rd / Todays Post

Todays drawing, one in a continuous series of almost daily drawings with similar differences and different similarities, slowly evolving or mutating, or sometimes not, as they progress. All on paper with color pencil (8 1/2 x 11 inches) and started at the beginning of the pandemic during evenings at home watching movies and streaming shows (regretfully no subtitles)….besides, where at night would a near 85 year old want to go to anymore anyway anyhow?…might as well make half art while being half entertained!…

December 2nd / Todays Post

Two blue collage/drawings from 2016 sketchbook

November 27th / Todays Post

Midway suggestions collage /drawing

November 24th / Todays Post

Morro Bay (California) Thanksgiving.

November 23rd / Todays Post

Thanksgiving Holiday Week 2022

November 21st / Todays Post

Grey outside from gray inside: photograph.

November 16th Todays Post

First page of new sketchbook, # 171, 2022. Collage with drawing, 8 1/2 x 11 inches.and last page of previous sketchbook, #170, 2022. Drawing, 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

November 15th / Today Post

Drawing: quick and loose and red white and blue

November 14th / Todays Post

Assembled with oddly unexpected and disparate found elements, as befits a long tradition in surrealist art collage making. Although in my use only the aesthetic subconscious, not the psychological one, underlies it.

November 13th / todays Post

Drawing suggesting dimensional geometric letterforms

November 11th / Todays Post

Two recent photographs: two orders of disorder.

November 10th / Todays Post

An image in my typical current drawing style and technique, but with an unintentionally bizarre suggestiveness.

November 8th / Todays Post

Gestural form arrangements similar to previous drawing in intent, 2022

November 7th / Todays Post

Another inexplicable drawing with a certain inaccessible cache, 2022

November 3rd / Todays Post

A dull and dour drawing and a bright and lively collage on subsequent pages of a current sketchbook 2022

November 2nd / Todays Post

One drawing makes for an easy pattern with a few copies and flips.

November 1st / Todays Post

2022 Day of the Dead. All saints and and all souls: all in or all out.

October 31st / Todays Post

Photos for a silly scary 2022 Halloween: goblin, ghouls, ghost and a punkin.

October 29th / Todays Post

A sketchbook drawing with two distinct types of forms intertwined into one attentively structured exercise. And not much more.

October 24th / Todays Post

Archive: a 1999 sketchbook page of a pretend graphic design project. A proposed cover for an imaginary art magazine from the 1970s called “Artwk”

October 23rd / Todays Post

A art drawing with a found art photograph as a pair.

October 21st / Today Post

A 2022 sketchbook drawing with two juxtaposed elements sorely in need of a discernible simile.

October 20th / Todays Post

Another drawing with maybe a certain level of murkiness.

October 18th / Todays post

Two sequential, yet inconsequential photographs. Does it pay to glance into the trash barrel?