A past present posting with some daily currency!


June 25th / Todays Post

Two collages, one done today, the other, several years ago, suggestive of text and image pages, as one would expect of a graphic designer.

June 24th / Today post

Two similar drawings: dual (or dualing) forms in space.

June 21st / Todays Post

Summer solstice: Twenty twenty two

June 19th / Todays Post

Fathers Day Detroit 1941

June 18th / Todays Post

Two new drawings. Same old trajectory.

June 16th / Todays Posts

Three collages to look in on.

June 15th / Todays Post

Drawing: an allegory seeking a referent.

June 9th / Todays Post

2022 Collage with drawing on a piece of wornout 1943 paper.

June 2nd / Todays Post

New drawings that harken back to the formal configurations typical of my early 60s paintings. But this time around the aesthetic source is closer to decorative illustration than to art.

May 31st / Todays Post

1943 material, a 2022 collage. An ongoing project: “Potential Graphic Design for Bygone Eras”.

May 30th / Todays Post

Memorial Day 2022

May 28th / Todays Post

Without precedent or comment: a sketch book drawing.

May 27th / Todays Post

Two collages today.

May 25th / Todays Post

Color pencil drawing. A form study in precarious stacking.

May 24th / Todays Post

Drawing that starts and stops arbitrarily at the edges.

May 22 / Todays Posts

Collage on drawing (rubbings) backgrounds, 2022

May 20th / Todays Post

It’s a this, it’s a that, it’s a decorative-style-elements, color pencil drawing.

May 19th / Todays Post

A, the entangled grayish matter persona, drawing

May 10th / Todays Post

A Drawing to make what you will of.

May 9th / Todays Post

Plains and angles, collage and drawing: consecutive pages in a current sketch book, 2022

May 8th / Todays Post

Take a minute on the eight day of a set aside Sunday in May, the year 2022

May 7th / Todays Post

The Possibly First Ever CalArts Graphic Design Reunion” all day (and into the night) Saturday, May 7th, at the school.

May 3rd / Todays Post

Everywhichway drawing, 2022

May 1st / Todays Post

In both senses, happy May Day with a found detail on a discarded paint palette cart from the art school at CalArts, 2022