A past present posting with some daily currency!

November 23rd / Todays Post

Collage made with whiteout on black xerox paper re-arranged and re-xeroxed. Part of ongoing series: “Potential Graphic Design for Bygone Eras”


November 20th / Todays post

Unfinished drawing fragment from 1989 re-framed as finished drawing in 2015


November 13th / Todays Post

Friday the 13th (2011 collage with Brooklyn material)


November 4th / Todays Post(s)





Fall in California 2015


November 1st and 2nd / Todays Post

Saints and souls: 1993 drawing (4 color ball point pen with yellow pencil) seemingly appropriate in certain traditions for these 2 days; one of celebration and one of commemoration.


October 31st / Todays Post(s)

Halloween on Almendra Drive, 2015


October 26th / Todays Post(s)

2 drawings, one on holiday tissue paper and one on a small white paper bag, 2015


October 22 / Todays Post(s)

2015: a current poster for a group of Detroit photographers, done in a typographic style and compositional aesthetic reminiscent of some of the posters I originally did for them back in the 1980s. Click on it for a closer look at some of the adroit photographs they are still doing and my apt credit line !


October 20th / Todays Post(s)

The cold hard city and the old home stead !


October 7th / Todays Post(s)

Detroit: Fisher Building. Michigan: Road Krill