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June 28th / Todays Post

bbTypepasteUp FlyPrs2007

The grubby wax paste-up for a piece posted the other day. Slightly distorted with xerox scans, individual letters put down and spaced, and rexeroxed with negative setting (and additions) for final. If you are really interested in this tedious process from the past, click on it for a detailed enlargement.


July 26th / Todays Post(s)


Some 80s typography, 1986, to be exact. Loved that babyblue bond paper, 8 1/2 x 11″

bbTypoExample 2007

Detail, typography example from 20 years later, 2006


2016 typographic cover, 5  x 7 1/2″


July 24th / Todays Post


Original on a piece done for a British design magazine and published back in 2001. “Always & Everywhere It’s The Word(s)”


July 18th / Todays Post(s)



Formal qualities in two different types of photographs, 2016


July 14th / Todays Post(s)


Glossy photostat with Cello-Tak transfer color, mid 1960s label from my book of illustration samples. Has that nice patina of age, as does all such past work.

b1960partysample Illust:coll



July 12th / Todays Post(s)



Two photos rotated and cropped just so, to look like found discrete pieces of “art.” Easier than making it yourself !


July 9th / Todays Post


Two little paintings in gouache and Rapidograph pen, “Green Front” and “Green Side” from 1978.


July 6th / Todays Post


Drawing with collage additions on blank end paper, both from 1910 book,  2016


2015, Collage with a few smudges on paper with a few folds. Could use a title, if it could find an idea that was more than a suggestion.


July 4th / Todays Post(s)

bIMG_5200 bbIMG_5203-02-43-34

2016 Fireworks, Cayucos, California, Happy Birthday USA.


July 1st / Todays Post(s)


Scrap book cover from 1974.  Since I was interested at that time in the visual as a language, the image bits were meant collectively to “read” as a prompt to my interests and identity. Looking back, even with this guide, it makes me wonder if I’m actually misremembering what I’ve remembered ?


1974. Photograph of my little studio room in a low-rise office building on Big Beaver Road in Troy, a suburb of Detroit. Designers & Partners was the name of the company I worked for. This is where I did and kept the above scrap book.