A past present posting with some daily currency!

May 26th / Todays Post

From Nebraska: Photo found within a photo send over the internet.


May 25th / Todays Post

A wonderful little magic calling card from some wonderfully big magicians at ChinaCentralTV America. Click on the link below and see why…



May 24th / Todays Post

Collage, 2016, Old engraving moved on Xerox machine while scanner is also moving, serial versions cut up and re-arranged, for a slightly distorted image used in my ongoing series: “Potential Future Graphic Design For Bygone Eras”


May 22nd / Todays Post

2012 drawing, black Prismacolor pencil, white China markers, and Bestine on glossy paper. Needs a close up click.


May 12th / Todays Post

A quartet of found photographs with no best guess as to the time or place, but not the predicament.


May 13th / Todays Post(s)

CalArts 2016 Graduation Congratulations


May 9th / Todays Post

Australia Man down under the Southern Constellation


May 8th / Todays Post

Today: Happy Mother’s Day (!) with an anonymous found photo: A yesterday’s Mother’s Day hat (?) if not somebody’s mother, grandmother, or daughter.


May 7th / Todays Post(s)

Night rain, 2016


May 6th / Todays Post(s)

Some pages from a small, recently finished, words and lettering pocket sketch book, three and a half by five and a half inches, 83 spreads, multi color ball point pen and color pencil, 2016. The theme was a list of “Non-numerical Elastic Quantities” with an added comment in parenthesis.