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March 26th / Todays Post

Xerox, offset printed, on gray bond paper, 2008.  With additions from large sketch book page: lettering (“Pry-0ut Haunts & Rambles”) with collage, 1995.


March 25th / Todays Posts

Various pages from two 1998 sketch books


March 21st / Todays Post

1995 drawing as stand-in for a coming of Spring celebration !


march 19th / Todays Post(s)

Top: front and back of a 1989 flyer, my first project in Los Angeles. This was to be the first of a set of three, announcing a lecture series by young radical architects on working in the real world: “Out There Doing It.” I divided the front, typographically into 3 parts, the top representing architects as structure, the middle is the fragmented reality of glitz and gelt, and the bottom, city streets and urban spaces mapped with information of venue locations. On the back are my fake “form studies,” beloved of architects, with the address and postal indicia on bottom. The flyer folds into 3 parts and is mailed as such. But, as was so often the case back in the late 80s, the typographic commentary was not appreciated, and the next series project was given to my studio mate Jeff Keedy for a more expected “Modernist” try. His “lesson” is below, the result couldn’t have been more explicit and the point was made brillantly!  Needless to say, the designing of the third and final set disappeared from our studio, although our other partner, Lorraine Wild was to have had a chance at it.  What a historic opportunity lost!  In both cases our pieces were printed and used and the success of the lectures did not suffer from the postmodern shift in typographic expectations, nor has anything since… other than Jeff’s version, which is still remarkably prescient of some current 21st century stylistic attitudes.


March 17th / Todays Post

Happy 2015 St Patricks Day drawing.


March 9th / Todays Post(s)

A collage and a photograph just-a-positioned so… as to almost pullingly say possible navel maneuvers on long past seas in both the gazing and grazing, seeing and surveying sense.


March 2nd / Todays Post(s)

Winter night in southern California.


March First / Todays Post(s)

Two “found as is” pieces from the 1920s. On top is a child’s scrap book where the collected material was pasted on the pages of a discarded plumbing parts catalog, and the bottom image is from a garden magazine with delicately printed, probably hand separated, color reproductions.


February 25th / Todays Post(s)

“Flue fixed,” an old engraving, a Xerox machine, and some cut and paste, 2012


February 24th / Todays Post(s)

Play some iPhoto today.