A past present posting with some daily currency!

July 2nd / Todays Post

My piece for Print’s 75th birthday. It’s meant to be a grubby paste up (and send up) of the sort of crazy commercial art and show card lettering fancies that Print Magazine, starting back in 1940, helped do away with by promoting and featuring a more modernized and professionalized graphic design. It may not actually be true, but I needed a narrative to indulge myself in some of that idiosyncratic excessiveness !


July The First / Todays Post

The Fella girls, Annamarie and Andrea, playing picnic in a 1977 Michigan July backyard where Daddy hadn’t gotten around to mowing the lawn in a while.


June 30th / Todays post

Found drawing: Irrational, but exquisite (thanks to Cy Twombly) scribbles and blobs on the end papers of 1906 children’s spelling book titled, “The Rational Word Book”


June 28th / Todays Post

2008, Part of poster for a three person lecture on their 1960s-70s Detroit commercial art business past.


June 25th / Todays Post

Faked “exquisite corpse” drawing/collage, 2015


June 21 / Todays Post

Untitled drawing as potential illustration for a possible new Jules Vernacular novel, black crayon on part of unfolded thin white paper bag, 11″ x 17″ 2015


June 4th / Todays Post

2005, collage made from a plastic Barnes and Noble bag that had an image of the original 1937 cover of John Steinbeck’s book,”Of Mice And Men” on it. The novella was set in 1930s California, but my interest in it was the period illustration; to extract the landscape rendering style to the exclusion of everything else.


May 28th / Todays Post(s)

Top: “Redesign For Bygone Eras” series. 1955 sheet music cover (once belonging to a Henry Young) with typical diamond shapes, reworked as Early Modernist style collage, 2015.  Below: 1983 collage, “Lady Walking A Fish”


May 25th / Todays Post(s)

Collage: 2006 sketch book page.

Memorial Day 2015.