A past present posting with some daily currency!

May 28th / Todays Post(s)

Top: “Redesign For Bygone Eras” series. 1955 sheet music cover (once belonging to Henry Young) with typical diamond shapes, reworked as 2015 collage. Below: 1983 collage, “Lady Walking A Fish”


May 25th / Todays Post(s)

Collage: 2006 sketch book page.

Memorial Day 2015.


May 20th / Todays Post

Page from an 1803 book on writing bought many years ago at the old Pageant Book & Print Shop on Houston Street in New York. At the time, I found this akin to my own hand drawn “flyers” project in both letter variance and form. Also, since no means of photographic reproduction yet existed, any pages from the work of former eras had to be redrawn by hand and reproduced anew, giving them now a particular charm.


May 18th / Todays Post

25 selected designers each did a page using the number 25. They were RISO printed as a little 2 color booklet included in the #25, 10th Anniversary issue of “Slanted” magazine (www.slanted.de). Here is mine.


May 16th / Todays Post

CalArts Graduation Congratulations 2015 !


March 15th / Todays Post(s)

Some dark and scary stuff of late night iPhoto manufacture.


March 14th / Todays Post(s)

7 type collages from small sketch book, 1978. Looking back, these little exploratory paste-ups took me a long way into the next 3 decades of my typographic interests and work.


Mothers day / Todays Post(s)

My mother (who bought me a Rollieflex Camera) and me and my little sister, 1961

Small sketch book page, 1978


May 5th / Todays Post(s)

3 pages from a 2009 sketch book using (reproductions of) fragmented and rearranged old engravings telling obtuse little stories.


May Day / Todays Post(s)

Top: Polaroid photo with grease pencil drawing, 2012. Bottom: Digital photo, found composition on walkway, 2014.