A past present posting with some daily currency!

June 28th / Todays Post

Printed page from the Japanese Magazine “Relax”  One of those designer homework assignments where a group of us are asked to contribute a piece on a particular topic, in this case, something about the coming year, 2005.


June 21st / Todays Post

2016 first day of summer with a color pencil drawing from the summer of 2015.


June 18th / Todays Post(s)

4 Polaroid discards with drawing and collage added, 1995

4 Polaroids. “Afternoon rain: 4 views from Lucy’s house, front North, side East, side West, back South, Michigan, July 6th, 1997″


June 17th / Todays Post

Sketch book page drawings, red and black ball point pen, 1994


June 13th / Todays Post

Lettering project for my cousin’s family wine business in Hammelburg, Germany. “Bockbeutel”(goatsack) is the name of a particular type of bottle used for some of their wines. 2016


June 8th / Todays Post

Polaroid photo, Michigan, 2004. Old Polaroid’s have a beautiful, slightly mushy and dreamy nostalgic quality, specially “in person”



June 7th / Todays Post

10″x14″ imaginary landscape drawing with blue triangle, 2016


May 30th / Todays Posts

Memorial Day, 2016


May 26th / Todays Post

From Nebraska: Photo found within a photo send over the internet.


May 25th / Todays Post

A wonderful little calling card from some big magicians at ChinaCentralTV America. Click on the link below and see why…