A past present posting with some daily currency!

April 27th / Todays post(s)

CalArts details, 2016


April 27th / Todays Posts

Some Americana photographed in antique shops/malls.


April 25th / Todays Posts

A collage and a photograph and an old Gothic mystery not solved.


April 21st / Todays Post

Trash can, Venice Beach, California


April 12th / Todays Post

April (California) wind showers…


April 1st / Todays Post

A fond April Fool 2016


March 30th / Todays Post(s)

Two images that might (not) somehow relate: one an old turn of the last century postcard, and the other a collage done today with a (in this case my) 1970s illustration style mindset.


March 27th / Todays Post

A newly conventional Easter image, 2016


March 25th / Todays Post

Good Friday, 2016. Collage constructed with fragments of discarded wallpaper from an over a century old cottage in Lexington, Michigan.


March 20th / Todays Post

First day of Spring and National Poetry Day: All the shavings are out…and blossoming about !