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February 3rd / Todays Post(s)


Drawings from a small 1990 sketch book


February 2nd / Todays Post

Groundhog Day 2016


January 31st / Todays Post

El Nino comes to California, 2016


January 28th / Todays Post(s)

2 infernal townscape drawings, done with various types of color sticks and colored pencils, some parts diluted with Bestine for that painterly effect, 2016


January 25 / Todays Post(s)

A couple of sets of old post cards…


January 22nd / Todays Post(s)

Los Osos, California, 2015:  Two photos of Nathan’s backyard, one a small picture framed with a large black border.


January 20th / Todays Post

Autohaus next to Bauhaus, photograph and photographer, science and art, 2012


January 18th / Todays Post(s)

“Consumerman,” collage with two consecutive scraps found on a sidewalk, and “Blueman Sign On A Blue Background,” with a blue Crayola, also found on the sidewalk, and including a bit of it’s wrapper.  Notice they’re done in easy fallback conventional collage and illustration drawing styles, which I sometimes use, and not all that inadvertently.


January 16th / Todays Post(s)

Barely photographed (cropped just so) of somebodys(?) creepers at night.


January 8th / Todays Post

Found blurry photograph (cropped just right) of somebodys(?) drawing.