A past present posting with some daily currency!

June 4th / Todays Post

Sketch book collage using material from a 1890 portrait illustration page.

June 3rd / Todays Post

Two recent drawings: a small sketch book page and a “Painted Polaroid”

May 25th / Todays Post

2020 Memorial Day weekend and beginning of the summer season to honor and celebrate. A 2019 color (with a rather garish purple) ballpoint drawing and last night’s photograph in a friend’s backyard.

May 21st / Todays Post

A 2017 sketch book page with a statement that seems to have had a 2020 aim.

May 18th / Todays Post

Small details as much from a larger drawing as such. 2019

May 15th / Todays Post

CalArts 2020 Graduation distancing congratulations

May 12th / Todays Post

A 2004 page of drawings with Xeroxed fragments of other drawings added.

May 10th / Todays Post

Remember mothers Mother’s Day 2020

April 5th / Todays Post

Seems apt to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a rather flamboyant 2004 drawing from my archive. Go Mexico, sorry Maximilian !

May 2nd / Todays Post

Day and night with the patina of age, two black and white Polaroids with sprayed on color from 1973