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August 6th / Todays Post

Ned Kelly Looking For Boilerplate” 2005

July 28th / Todays Post

“The reaper is grimacing, so look out,” drawing with collage, 2020

July 27th / Todays Post

Postcard. Contribution to a student project in 2007.

July 21st / Todays Post

Some recent “figurative” drawings from two different sketch books, 5 x 5 inches, 2020

July 18th / Todays Post

An appearance of decorativeness in a nondecorative drawing ? 2020

July 16th / Todays Post

2 drawings, each with added bit of drawing.

July 15th / Todays Post

China Marker on Polaroid discard, 2020

July 14th / Todays Post

2 drawings, one with added bits of frotttage and the other on top of a B&W reproduction from an old auction catalog.

July 4th / Todays Post

Happy (?) Birthday America 2020

June 28th / Todays Post

Milton Glaser (1929-2020) Condolences from one from the Push Pin Generation.