A past present posting with some daily currency!

August 12th / Todays Post

Sketch book page which has nothing to do with being done on an Amtrak cross country train between Chicago and Los Angeles in 2007, but a lot more to do with the country in 2022

August 10th

Summer drawing

July 31st / Todays Post

Form: a puzzlingly gorgeous restaurant table top photograph

July 29th Todays Post

Exhibition of 30, 8 1/2 by 11″ color pencil, drawings opening at Fisk Gallery in Portland

July 28th / Todays Post

2 small collages made from the back of an old painting (with restorative patches) from the turn of the last century. Found in a dump in Cape Cod several years ago.

July 25th / Todays Posts

More small collages made from back and front of old (late 1800s?) canvas painting

July 17th / Todays Post

I wish: some current small pocket sketchbook pages

July 8th / Todays Post

Three current collages with texts.

4th of July / Todays Post

Pacific California Central Coast: the fireworks bust in the fog.

June 29th / Todays Post

A photograph: two as one