A past present posting with some daily currency!

January 25th / Todays Post

Work/rework collage, 2022

January 20th / Todays Post

My contribution to a CalArts Zoom student collage project, back in 2021 during lockdown

January 16th / Todays Post

Two drawings in one day: (top) evening, made sitting at home on lap in front of TV. (bottom) afternoon, made in sketchbook standing at studio desk. Compare and contrast.

January 13th / Todays Post

Look down, find a landscape, starry night and cloudy day, not real, but not far away.

January 12th / Todays Post

Do look up. A red, black, and blue drawing.

January 9th / Todays Post

New York Times Book Review: a collage/drawing/lettering illustration for the “On Poetry” page, featuring a new Louise Gluck poetry collection writeup. 2022

January 7th / Todays Post

One minute drawing on 4 x 5 inch collage fragment. Subject to your adding one.

December 29th / Todays Post


December 26th / Todays Post

Annamarie’s Christmas cookies

December 25th / Todays Post

Merry Christmas and happy coming New Year: don’t eat too much, but do sing, draw, and photograph much !