A past present posting with some daily currency!

April 23 / Today Post

A another collage in an on going series: “Avant-guard Design for Bygone Eras”

April 22nd / Todays Post

Earth Day: 2024

April 21st / Todays Post

Grubby thrift store painting, very likely a fake.

April 20th / Todays Post

Most of an afternoon: a craftily constructed collage or two.

April 17th / Todays Post

Todays drawing

April 16th / Todays Post

Archive: Two Photos together

April 13th / Todays Post

Archive: Two pages from a 2006, 65 page, collage/drawing sketchbook.

April 11th / Todays Post

A couple of newly perplexed collage/drawings.

April 8th / Todays Post

Big wow !

April 6th / Todays Post

A drawing