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May 27th / Todays Post

Memorial Day 2024

May 25th / Todays post

Two strange collages for the birds

May 24th / Todays Post

Collages in red: first one found as is, same for the second, but with a few additions, while the third and fourth have related material.

May 17th / Todays Post

Some drawing/collage pieces that relate to graphic design in an off handed way.

May 15th / Todays Posts

A skewy, possibly Art Nouveau filigree style, border around nothing in particular.

May 9th / Todays Post

Image making: first, a paper collage using old black and white art auction catalogs with a few paint and crayon additions, and next, a black and white digital photograph of a spill between light and shade on the sidewalk, with some extreme iPhoto adjustments and slight color pencil tinting on the laser print.

May 9th / Todays Post

Drawing/collage drawing: strange goings on in a strange place.

May 4th / Todays Post


May 2nd / Todays Post

Two collages, one after the other.

May 1st / Todays Post

May Day Mayday 2024