A past present posting with some daily currency!

October 18th / Todays Posts

Last 5 pages of Sketch Book Number 164, 2020-21

October 17th / Todays Post

First two pages of new Sketch Book Number 166, Drawing collage drawing, 2021

October 12th / Todays Post

Current drawing: a study (among other things) in precariously balanced shape, texture, and hue within a page, Prismacolor pencils and ellipse guides. But in the end the even if only evocatory “other things” might be more interesting.

October 3rd / Todays Post

2016 sketch book pages, one a drawing and the other a collage, both knotty, yet possibly explicable on some obtuse level of the parodic; something I had in mind that never quite surfaced ?

October 1st / Todays Post

A very small ( six and a half inch square’) very minimalist drawing on a very dark piece of paper, 2021

September 25th / Todays Post

Black and white (cool grays) Prismacolor pencil drawing, 8 x 10″ 2021

September 24th / Todays Post

Two recent sketch book collages, 2021

September 21st-22nd / Todays Post

Transition between Summer and Autumn via a collage and a photo

September 16th / Todays Post

Two recent 11×16″ black and white drawings

September 15th / Todays Post

Current small collages on cutup glossy magazine images, using bits from a cheap paperback 1966 childern’s book.