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July 13th / Todays Post

Archive: two pages from a 56 page sketchbook, #114, 2011. One is just an image and the other is a potential image.

July 12th / Todays Post

Collage/drawing, found as is: end paper in a cira 1920s book. Looks like a child’s drawing and something pasted on and torn off. Couldn’t have done better myself !

July 11th / Todays Post

Have it both ways drawing: upside or downside.

July 8th / Todays Post

Two collage drawings made with cutup drawings

July 6th / Todays Post

Recent drawing from a drawer of organized unrecognized stuff

July 4th / Todays Post

248 20 24 4th

June 25th / Todays Post

Familiar drawing: strange object in a strange world

June 23rd / Todays Post

Two unrelated photographs related in some unseemly manner, like maybe, potential illustration prompts for a creepy children’s book ?

June 22nd/ Todays Posts

Current forms drawings

June 19th / Todays Post

…for a good price on a stormy day. Current sketchbook page.