A past present posting with some daily currency!

October 19th / Todays Post

Two consecutive drawings, different in tone, similar in structure

October 14th / Todays Posts

Two new drawings with new set of pencils with lots of additional colors

October 10th / Todays Post

Quite a leap or just a tip toe ? Two collages: one today, using (my) 1970s material, and the other from 1985, but using 1950s material.

October 10th / Todays Post

How do you feel, think, act ? Here’s one way of putting it !

October 4th / Todays Post

Gestural drawings incorporating decorative elements from a 2013 sketchbook. Something long in the making.

October 2nd / Todays Post

Surreal September end to October start: real physical issue metaphors

September 21st / Todays Post

Tiny collage/drawing and small painting/collage/drawing

September 18th / Todays Post


September 17th / Todays Post

Three B&W drawing/collages: potential Zine pages.

September 8th / Todays Post

Five, 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch, small pocket sketchbook pages. Just silly say’n as a form of faux-etry.