A past present posting with some daily currency!

April 22nd / Todays Post

Earth Day 2021: at least worth a second thought.

April 21st / Todays Post

A really ridiculous drawing admittedly well crafted, color pencil on paper, 2021

April 16th / Todays Post

A drawing of an inscape with two clouds and a moon, color pencil on paper, 2021

April 14th / Todays Post

Two 2009 collage/drawings composed with random pieces of drawn elements.

April 10th / Todays Posts

Some self contained and discrete forms placed within a given space just so high and just that wide, 2021

April 1st / Todays Post

April Fool’s Day 2021 Caricature of an imaginary fool named Al: page from a 2006 sketch book.

March 25 / Todays Post

A 1964 two foot square oil on Masonite board painting…for real !

March 14th / Todays Post

A 2021 gestural drawing: landscapey image that bodes as well in time.

February 28th / Todays Post

Creep E

February 27th / Todays Post

Spontaneous drawing suggesting or referencing a possible subject or narrative, at which point, perplexed, I stopped, signed, and posted.